1. Do I have to pay extra if I order online?2022-01-04T08:14:39+02:00

No, the products cost exactly the same as ordered via phone or purchased at one of our stores.

2. What is the minimum order for home delivery?2022-07-19T16:26:42+03:00

We kindly inform our customers, that we deliver only packages above 5 kg or 200 Ron.

3. When do I receive the order?2022-07-19T16:28:26+03:00

We take order requests from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on weekdays. After receiving the order request our colleague contacts you via the phone to discuss a suitable delivery date.

4. How do I indicate my extra requests?2022-01-06T14:29:47+02:00

Your special requests should be mentioned when placing the order in the “Additional Comments” sections.

5. Did I manage to place the order?2022-01-06T14:27:24+02:00

You can verify your order by logging in and checking the ‘Last Order” section or checking your email account. Each time you place an order you receive a confirmation email with details of your order request.

6. I have not received a confirmation email.2022-01-06T14:31:06+02:00

If you place an order request you receive a confirmation email each time. After sending the request the confirmation email starts its journey to your inbox. Throughout its journey, it reaches several Internet portals other than vadhus.ro. Therefore we have no influence on how long it takes for the confirmation email to reach your inbox. You can verify your order by logging in and checking the ‘Last Order” section.

7. Can I cancel my order?2022-01-06T14:31:51+02:00

If you wish to cancel your order please do so when our colleague contacts you via phone.

8. Where can I make a complaint?2022-01-06T14:32:26+02:00

Should you have any complaints and comments please contact our customer service weekdays between 11 am and 3 pm via phone (0040-742-156.971) or email (office@berke.ro).

9. Warranty2022-01-06T14:33:20+02:00

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In case if the quality of the product is poor, we immediately replace it.

10. I cannot find a product that I like and am looking for. What should I do?2022-01-06T14:34:13+02:00

Before finalizing the order request please note in the comments section the products that you could not find and the required quantity. We try to supply you with the requested products at a fair price thus saving valuable time for you. If we do not manage to find the requested product we recommend a substitute product that is similar in price and quality.

11. How do I have to store the products?2022-07-19T16:31:50+03:00

After receiving the products they should be put in a refrigerator. If you ordered frozen products we recommend putting them in a freezer until using them. Each product is packaged in vacuum-sealed packaging which helps to keep the products fresh.

The best before date is printed on each product’s packaging.

12. Is wild meat chewy?2022-07-19T16:32:29+03:00

Wild meats are sought after by chefs and home cooks alike for their rich woodsy or berry-like flavor. Contrary to this fact, some people have a negative association with wild meat for being chewy.

13. Why a Wild game?2022-07-19T16:32:59+03:00

Our gourmet products made from wild game and mangalitza (a rare heritage hog) celebrate the deep rich flavors inherent to these meats. Not only are our sausages and cured meats flavorful, but they are also good for your health and the environment.

14. Is game meat safe to eat?2022-07-19T16:34:22+03:00

Yes. Meat processed at Berke is strictly controlled and comes from verified wildlife parks. Each animal is examined by a veterinarian specialized in the field and who issues a food safety certificate. We pay special attention to only processing meat which comes from healthy animals.


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