About us

Honor is a wild game and mangalitza meat  processing company manufacturer and purveyor of  premium quality products. Apart from this we operate wildlife  parks in central Transylvania featuring wild boar, red fallow and roe deer in Izvoare and Mereni as well as a mangalitza farm in Lemheny.

Meat processing and production takes place in Izvoare at our state of the art factory with the help of highly trained and experienced stuff. 

Our product range and game meat specialties are prepared based on traditional Transylvanian recipes resulting in a wide range of products such as:  smoked and dried home-style sausages made of game and mangalitza, hams, smoked and cooked-smoked products (frankfurters, salami), pates, lards and bacons.

Our premium quality game meat specialties are sold  in our own shop located in Izvoare and on our webshop. We colaborate with several delicatesy shops in Romania and we are open tu further collaborations. We can distribute the ordered products to any part of the country. For delivery information please check the DELIVERY menu.