Wild Boar with Mushrooms Ivo Style

Ingredients for 4 personsWild Boar with Mushrooms Ivo Style

  • 60 dkg wild boar back,
  • 2 pieces of red onion,
  • 20 dkg carrots,
  • salt, bay leaf, savory, allspice,
  • 20 dkg champignon,
  • 1 dl oil,
  • 2 dl dry red wine,
  • 5 dkg smoked bacon,
  • 2 dkg flour,
  • a half celery,
  • 5 dkg tomato juice,
  • 2 cloves of garlic

 Preparation method:

  • Fry the bacon cubes a bit. After the bacon is ready add the diced wild boar chops, the chopped onion, garlic and celery.
  • Continue frying and add the tomato juice as well. Sprinkle it with the spices and pour the red wine over it. Stew it until it is ready.
  • After frying the mushroom cubes, add them to the meat.

As a side dish we recommend potato croquettes with almonds or green noodles. Decorate it with boiled carrot balls.