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We operate a Wildlife Park in central Transylvania. The Izvoare Wildlife Park is 400Wild park hectares outside the village of Izvoare in Harghita County 26 kilometers from Odorheiu Secuiesc  where we keep carpatian red deer, fallow deer, wild boars as well as   muflon (a subspecies of wild sheep). 

Nestled amongst rolling hills and river valleys at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, all of our parks are kept in their natural state. We are proud that Transylvania remains one of the few truly wild landscapes left in Europe  and we stive to integrate principles of conservation into our business model. With the exception of minimal fencing and access roads, the natural landscape, flora and fauna are left undisturbed in our parks. We recognize that the health of our herds is directly linked to the health of their surroundings therefore biodiversity is encouraged on all our lands.

The animals we raise have minimal human contact (they never receive growth hormones orWildlife park antibiotics). As they are free-range, the game animals forage for a varied diet of grasses, leaves, shrubs, berries and other vegetation. Lush oak and beech forests provide nuts as additional sustenance, a particular favorite of wild boar. Our mangalitza receive a healthy blend of grains to ensure optimal health. This low-stress environment is ideal for raising game and mangalitza that are fit and healthy. This in turn yields the highest quality meat which we are proud to offer for you. All of our gourmet products are produced in our small, state-of-the-art facility in the village of Izvoare. There, our highly skilled team of butchers and nutritinists experts craft our products in small batches. Many of our products are based on traditional Transylvanian recipes and flavors. We invite you to come to Transylvania to visit and enjoy our parks yourself. We welcome guests, and can organize park tours including walking, horseback riding and photo or film excursions. We can also assist you in booking accommodation and additional sightseeing or recreational activities.
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Izvoare Wildlife Park