Hunters Stew with Beans

Ingredients for 4 personsHunters Stew with Beans

  • 60 dkg boneless wild boar meat,
  • 15 dkg smoked bacon,
  • 30 dkg red onion,
  • 30 dkg gherkins,
  • 12 dkg tomatoes,
  • 2 pieces of green paprika,
  • 2 dl white wine,
  • paprika, allspice

Preparation method:

  • The well- washed boar meat and the smoked bacon is cut into thin stripes. The meat is put into cold water, while the bacon stripes are fried.
  • Put the chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes, chopped green paprika in the bacon fat and when a few minutes later it boils, add the meat to it.
  • When the flesh changes its colour pour the red wine over it. Add the spices, and cover it.
  • When the meat is almost tender, add the fried bacon stripes, cut the peeled cucumber in small stripes, add it to the rest and bring it to boil again. Make sure that in the end there is only little gravy left.  

The preparation of black beans:

  • One evening before its use soak the beans. The next day, pour off the water to have approx. 5 dl in the bowl. Cook it for 40-45 minutes until the beans are soft, but still do not fall apart.
  • Place the onion, garlic, the half of the green paprika, and the salt, pepper, red paprika, allspice, bay leaves and rice in a bowl and boil them in 2.5 dl water. Cook it at low heat for a further 35-40 minutes until the water is gone.
  • Stir in 4 tablespoons of oil and remove it from the heat.
  • In the mean time steam the onion, garlic, green paprika and chopped ham in the remaining oil. When fried, pour it over the rice and beans.